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LED Industry Continues Upward Climb in Nov.


                                    LED Industry Continues Upward Climb in Nov.

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The lighting market trend will continue its gradaul growth. LED lighting penetration rates are expected to further increase as LED prices overall falling and consumer recognition is on the rise. Backlight market orders have slid as uncertainties still surround China’s new home appliance subsidiary policy. Some LED manufacturers revenues have decreased and there has been a rebound in the backlight market compared to last month. With the Chinese Lunar New Year approaching, manufacturers’ conventional holiday stockup demands will provide a certain degree of support for LED manufacturers’ sales performance. Overall, the LED market will continue its upward climb in November.

LED continues its overall good outlook and upward climb. In Sept., 2013, listed LED companies in the Taiwan bourse saw revenue down one percent to NT$ 11 billion (US$ 370 million). LED chip manufacturers in Taiwan saw their revenue reach NT$ 3.86 billion, and LED package manufacturers revenues reached NT$ 7.17 billion.

Highlighted Apple products this quarter include new tablet iPadAir and iPadMini. Combined with iPhone5s and 5c shipment volume exceeding expectations after the week of its debut, Apple’s new tablet shipments will surpass forecasts. Companies worth noting are those that will benefit from Apple’s better than anticipated sales volume and shifting supply chain, which includes GeorTek Inc., Shenzhen Desay Battery Technology Co., Sunwoda Electronics Co., Suzhou Anjie Technology Co., Zhejiang Crystal-Optotech Co., and Luxshare Ict. LED lighting demands will continue to drive the upward momentum for the next period, in which leading companies San’an Optoelectronics and Yangkon Lighting will be obvious beneficiaries. 

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