LED Lighting Solutions for Large Transportation Hubs from Rishang

1 Demand analysis


  With more and more urban miles covered by the domestic subway construction, the subway has become the main transportation in major cities. As a modern and special transportation for traffic advertising, the subway has the dual characteristics of traffic guidance and advertising communication.

  LED signage, light boxes in aisle , light boxes column, and light boxes in station have become mainstream. As transportation hubs with large passenger flow volume, high-speed railways and airports have densely populated areas such as waiting halls, entrances and exits, and clear and eye-catching passenger flow evacuation safety signage are particularly important. At the same time, LED light box advertising in high-speed railway and airport with the large audience, excellent quality will also produces excellent commercial communication value. Therefore, whether in the subway, high-speed rail, or airports, LED signage and advertising light boxes both have wide distribution, high density, good decorative, guiding function and character of high commercial value, is an indispensable part of modern transport hub. Market demand becomes the necessary demand and standard. But traditional lighting with low luminous efficacy, big loss, easy aging, has been unable to meet the high standard requirements of the brand lighting.

Demand for high quality LED lighting products has exploded in large transportation hubs

2 Solution

  Lighting products of LED signage light box series in Rishang Optoelectronics come out for demand of market. Rishang can provide a set of solution for large transport hub project, such as outdoor and indoor large signage, large-scale outdoor light box, guide signage and light boxes in station, light boxes column and light boxes on wall and other applications suitable for different scenes. At the same time, we can also choose the most appropriate products types, such as LED module, LED rigid bar, LED strip, etc, according to the specific project application needs, in order to achieve the best display effect and commercial value.


Solution for large transportation hubs in Rishang with obvious advantages:

2.1 There is breakthrough of the technical bottleneck of traditional LED in our products, which has low power and high luminous efficacy, with a significant advantage of thin, bright, uniform and cost-saving.

2.2 High power reduces the number of products required while maintaining the same brightness, making the signage lighting system more stable;

2.3 LED signage and light box products with high CRI, signage appearance with good color saturation, light box screen is uniform and bright;

2.4 Constant light output and low attenuation make the product still can effectively ensure the service life and brightness of the signage after working up to 50,000 hours, so that the maintenance cost is lower;

2.5 Small volume, various sizes, different structures and profiles used in different positions, suit for various forms of screen, and easy to install;

2.6 The uniform way of layout in the solution ensures the science and consistency of the layout points. Flexible particle placement, effectively improve the overall visual effect;

2.7 The proprietary technical support team custom-makes overall lighting solution for lighting distribution requirements in various environments.

2.8 With the cooperation of professional advertisement producer, we provide the whole service from design to installation to further ensure the lighting effect.

3 Some cases:

3.1 Shenzhen Metro

  The total length of Shenzhen Metro Line 6 is about 37.6 kilometers, with 20 stations, starting at Shenzhen North Railway Station, ending at Songgang station, with transferring stations with Shenzhen Metro Line 4, Line 5, Line 11, Line 13 and Branch Line 6. Shenzhen Metro Line 6 effectively strengthens the connection between Longhua, Dalang, Shiyan, Guangming, Gongming, Songgang and other areas, further release the ground traffic pressure, and provides a more convenient choice for citizens. All the LED fixture on the subway line are made by Mason Technology, and LED rigid bars and strips are all provided by Rishang Optoelectronics. The products supplied by Rishang include LED modules, high voltage LED rigid bars and shutter spread reflection LED rigid bars,LED strips and other products, which will be applied to the light box in track, flag and guide light box, floor double-sided light box, light box on wall, etc.

LED products from Rishang are applied in the whole line of Shenzhen Metro Line 6


3.2 Nanchang-Ganzhou high-speed railway

  The Nanchang-Ganzhou high-speed railway was officially opened to traffic on December 26, 2019, with a total length of 418 kilometers. Ganzhou west railway station has four floors, which are underground outbound floor, square floor, platform floor and elevated floor. The highest point of the station is 42.1m from the square floor. Spread reflection LED rigid bars, side-lighting LED rigid bars, modules and other products from Rishang are applied here. With long life, light and simple structure design, more stable quality, more convenient installation, our products help customers to save cost. High luminance efficacy, uniform and continuous color, bright color, clear picture of light box, bring good experience to pedestrian.

Train/beam bridge/channel guide light box and embedded light box in waiting hall

3.3 Hefei Metro

  Hefei Metro Line 3, the third metro line in Hefei Metro, has a green logo and was put into operation in December 2019. There are 33 stations along the route, with a total length of 37.2km, starting from Xingfuba Station and ending at Xiangcheng Station. The northern end is an elevated line with a length of 4.23 km, and the rest are underground lines with a length of 32.97 km. High - end spread reflection LED rigid bar and ultra - thin modules from Rishang were applied here.

Guide light box inside and outside the station, floor and embedded light box advertising in walkway

Rishang Optoelectronics has already conducted cooperation with many projects in large transportation hubs , and our products, such as LED modules, LED rigid bars and LED strips have been widely applied in Shenzhen Metro, Hangzhou Metro, Xiamen Metro, Beijing Daxing airport, Guangzhou airport, Hefei metro, Ganzhou high-speed railway, Shijiazhuang Metro and other projects. As a large traffic hub with large passenger flow volume and large mobility, it has high requirements for LED lighting, which is highly consistent with the brand positioning and product quality of Rishang. As a domestic high-end LED signage lighting and LED light box lighting branded service providers, Rishang focuses on the LED signage and light box industry for more than ten years. Adhering to the operation philosophy of "dedication to excellence", in line with the market environment and customer demand, Rishang will continue to devote more energy to research new technologies and develop new products, to provide systematic and professional LED lighting solutions for the large transportation hub industry.

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