The Launch of Blade Series Module

  Brand signage is the best tool to help consumers identify and remember the enterprise. As the carrier of the spirit and image of the enterprise, brand signage must have a strong visual effect to highlight the connotation, improve the brand image and leave a deep impression on the audience.

  With diversification of market requirements of LED advertising lighting source performance and use environments, more brands pursue signage module with high quality, brightness, luminous efficacy, IP grade and long lifespan. Based on the market and customer demand, Rishang optoelectronics has newly developed the blade series LED modules. This series of products fully integrated scientific and technological innovation and fashion aesthetic, with unique and high-end hard-edged shape.

Angular and hard-edged blade series module

  Rishang Optoelectronics has been focused on LED advertising signage lighting since 2007. As the core competitive product of Rishang, our signage module is also the quality product of the industry. Blade series module positions in the mid-end, the product has the following advantages:

1. Patented product, with guaranteed quality.

2. Unique hard-edged shape, with sharp edges, compact structure, high sense of technology and science.

3. High luminous efficacy of 120lm/W, wide beam angle of 160°, uniform luminance with good consistency, makes brand signage more brilliant. It can reduce the layout quantity of module, to save energy and cost.

4. Constant current, with long life.

5. High IP grade up to IP65, Applicable to environment with high requirements for protection against dust and moisture.

6. Long warranty of 5 years with good performance stability.

  Main product in blade series is with 2 LEDs and 3 LEDs, compatible with products with 1 LEDs and 4 LEDs. The low-power design of single module is 0.36w, and the power of 4 LEDs module is 1.44w, which are optimal for 8-12cm depth channel letter. Blade series products can be widely used in different industries of indoor and outdoor luminous signage and storefront signage, such as luminous storefront signage in commercial chain brands, advertising guiding signage in public areas and traffic hubs.

  Blade series has come into market, interested customers are welcome to inquire. We will, as always, provide our customers with more professional and systematic LED advertising signage lighting solutions! 邮箱
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